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Puerto Plata, which is considered to be the “birthplace” of tourism in the Dominican Republic, continues to carry a powerful punch. Its breathtaking and expansive terrain is characterized by the presence of water, mountains, verdant valleys, rivers, and a plethora of beaches. The world’s purest amber can be found buried beneath its fertile soil, which also supports the growth of cocoa and coffee trees.

When Christopher Columbus first caught a view of the northern Atlantic shoreline from his ship in 1492, he immediately saw that there was a great deal to explore along this stretch of coastline, including the possibility of uncovering gold mines.

Attracted by the sight of clouds shimmering over Mount Isabel de Torres and illuminating Puerto Plata’s vast blue shoreline, he settled at La Isabela with a mixed community of Tainos–original inhabitants of the area–and Spaniards, built the first church and his first home in the Americas, and named the area the “Silver Port.” He also gave Puerto Plata its current name.

You can take a tour of these historic sites, which are now located within a national park, and follow in the footsteps of Christopher Columbus.

The natural wealth of Puerto Plata never ceases to amaze visitors who first set eyes on La Novia del Atlántico, also known as the Atlantic’s Darling by the people who live there.

From the cable car, which is the only one of its kind in the Caribbean and takes passengers to Mount Isabel de Torres and its verdant botanical gardens, passengers can get a bird’s eye view of part of the Atlantic coastline, which features more than 100 kilometers (62 miles) of beaches that grace multiple coastal villages, inland farming communities that are complete with rivers and waterfalls, and hotels of varying sizes to cater to guests of varying preferences.

In addition, Puerto Plata is home to remnants of the city’s colonial past, such as the Caribbean’s most extensive collection of preserved Victorian-style homes from the 19th century, the oldest amber fossils in the world, which are on display at the Amber Museum, and one of the earliest colonial period fortresses in the area, Fortaleza San Felipe, which dates back to 1577. All of these can be found in Puerto Plata.

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The constant trade winds, river systems, the massive Cordillera Septentrional mountain range, and the Atlantic Ocean all work together to create a world of outdoor adventure along the coast of Puerto Plata, including beach communities that are famous for their water sports.

Sosua was initially founded by Jewish immigrants who had escaped Nazi Germany. It is known for its stunning beaches, where expats and locals mix, as well as its rich underwater sites. Sosa is located less than half an hour outside of the city.

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The nearby town of Cabarete is a popular destination for snowbirds seeking a cosmopolitan atmosphere and is known as a center for windsurfing, surfing, and kiteboarding.

Playa Dorada is for those who want to relax in style on golden stretches, with seaside activities near the city, such as canyoning at the 27 Charcos of Damajagua waterfalls, snorkeling at Cayo Arena, and relaxing at Ocean World Marina. Those who visit Playa Dorada can do all of these things and more.

In addition to the natural attractions, Puerto Plata is home to a large number of bustling communities, each of which offers a unique cultural experience.

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You can learn how to play and dance merengue from a family of musicians, hike through family-owned cacao or coffee plantations, or immerse yourself in Dominican pelota at the Bartolo Colón stadium and museum.

All of these activities take place in the community tourism capital of the Dominican Republic. Along the trip, there are a plethora of gastronomic opportunities, ranging from roadside snacks and seashore seafood to upscale restaurants serving cuisine from around the world.

The Gregorio Luperón International Airport (POP), which is approximately 15 minutes from the city center as well as hotels on Playa Dorada or Costa Dorada, and the Amber Cove Cruise Center in Maimón are the primary points of entry for Puerto Plata.